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Kirsten Alburg is an educator and photographer currently living in the Arctic Inupiaq community of Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska. Raised on the shores of Lake Superior, in the beautiful Northern town of Marquette, Michigan, and following a life-long passion of skiing in snow-covered mountains, Kirsten has always embraced winter. 

After graduating from college in Portland, OR, in 1999, with a teaching degree, her dreams turned toward the snow-filled landscape of Alaska. Kirsten has since spent the past 20 years living and teaching in many communities throughout The Last Frontier state. In addition to her time in Alaska, Kirsten has traveled to other Northern &  Arctic regions, including Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Northern Canada.

Kirsten is driven to make a positive impact and use her photography to educate about the places and people that she's passionate about. Her volunteer work includes, in part, photographing adaptive sports, cultural events and for Arctic research science. She is proud to be a PolarTREC hopeful for 2020 and be a collaborative educator for UIC Arctic Science.

Kirsten visits her home state of Michigan and amazing family (mom, brother, niece and nephew) as much as she can.  


Kirsten shoots with a Sony A6400 and Sony A7RIII and prefers Sony as a brand due to the small camera sizes for travel, high performance, strong support community, and it's low light capability. 

Alburg's work is showcased online via her website, social media and published works.




PO Box 1204, Utqiagvik (Barrow), AK 99723

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Iditacontest 2016: 2nd and 4th place. 

University of Alaska; 2017 Highlighted Photographer.


National Geographic: Your Shot


Alaska Daily News


Fairbanks News Miner



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